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In an open and honest fashion.

The Look Book Lab


welcomes you.

The Look Book Lab

A podcast hanging on a thread.

Join co-hosts Natalie and Deborah on an open but explorative discovery on all things surrounding "The Look Book" what we know and what we don't.

But obviously with those who do.


Not just a style rhetoric, stuff that resonates:


  • Sustainability in stasis?
  • The supply chain and ethical transparency dilemma.
  • Surviving to keep your brand alive during mental health.
  • The perks of creative pressure
  • Is it wrong to fake success under the current financial crisis?




Our podcast is founded on the same principles set out in a laboratory. A scene designed to drive forward learning and open thinking for knowledge. The Look Book Lab podcast is all about creating the same environment to nurture listening, test theories with an objective mind that can draw out meaning.

Valued Guests

The people joining our conversation are not just leaders in their field but have thoughts outside of their career spec that shape their daily lifestyle. Founders, Stylists, Designers, Writers, Photographers and those who contribute to fantastic dialogue.

Professional Producers

Listeners can enjoy an uninterrupted conversation of carefully crafted and relevant content curated by Natalie and Deborah. You can contact us to request topics and even guests you wish to see.

Ethically focused

Sustainability is not where all ethics are reduced to. We hit morality away from the public eye, fundamentals that go beyond the surface level of fashion.

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