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They say trouble comes in pairs, lets introduce you to the double incarnate here.

Meet Deborah and Natalie. The co-founders of The Look Book Lab podcast. This happended after working together on a few sustainable fashion endeavours which unveiled a niche demand for open dialogue .

The Look Book Lab combines their two voices. A balance of business acumen, experience and enthusiasm. 

So who is Deborah St Louis?

This boss lady launched Fashions Finest, an events company some 12 years ago hosting independent designers on the runway during London Fashion Week (and other multiple award winning shows). Deborah is known primarily for her philanthropy, mentoring and sponsoring talent through to graduation, recognition that continues to leave a hallmark in their discipline. Deborah is all about giving back to the community and whatever time she has left goes into her charity work and fuelling the next wave of fashion talent.

And who is Natalie Fenning?

Although small in stature, Natalie makes up for that with her onslaught for curious couture.

Returning from a business development career in Tokyo for Japanese and European start ups in fashion and media in 2018; Natalie landed her feet firmly back in the UK. Busy building a repuation as a copywriter and editor, Natalie has been curating style content and holding interviews with sustainable brands under her portfolio Mindful Mode.

Inspired by the the poets and writers who lived among the noise and fragility of the 1800s, Natalie believes fashion is borne out of fragility and seeks her own style solace from romanticism. Note: you might just be bidding against her will over a vintage ruffle or tulle on ebay. You've been warned!



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